The power of channeled guidance...
Tapping into the guidance that's available to all of us is a powerful experience. When you receive information that's around you but out of your line of sight - it changes your perspective. Your belief in your own ability to make things happen and achieve is heightened. Your trust, patience and kindness levels are all elevated. You're able to move forward with more pep in your step knowing that you're guided and supported. 
Tap into your own channeled guidance to receive it all
1:1 Channeled Guidance Session with Laura
30 minute private channeled guidance session
  • Clarity on the right next steps to take
  • Confidence in your decision making
  • Confirmation of your own intuitive guidance 
  • Connection to your personal spirit guides
  • Recording of your call
3 x 1:1 Channeled Guidance Session with Laura
3 x 1:1 private channeled guidance sessions
  • Clarity on the right next steps to take
  • Confidence in your decision making
  • Confirmation of your own intuitive guidance
  • Connection to your personal spirit guides
  • Recordings of your calls
Soooooo.... a couple of weeks ago special happened. I may have had a 'little' intuitive reading with the pretty amazing Laura Husson that blew my frickin mind people.

You know when someone looks into your heart and sees ALL of you. That. She spoke the reality I have been slowly leaning into in a way that left me knowing of the fullness of what awaits for me and the reality I am creating.

W.O.W the next six months is about stepping into my own Business Beyond Belief. #watchthisspace

Wow. Just wow.

I can't even begin to describe what the hell has happened to me since getting on a call with Laura. During the call, I knew she was onto something in the guidance that came through her channeling for me.

However, I could have never anticipated what came next...

It was as if I was cracked wide open for a whole assload of healing to begin. It's been almost 3 weeks now since these realizations have come through and my entire world has been turned inside out and upside down in the best way possible.

This woman has a gift. I don't understand it... but all I know is that I want more of it in my life. xoxo

My session with Laura left me with goosebumps and tears in my eyes.

There was one thing in particular that she knew that no one else knew about, and her ability to pinpoint it was out of this world!

Definitely book a session with her if you can! It's well worth it.

Laura is extremely easy to talk to. This session was the first time we had ever video chatted, and it was like talking to an old friend. Her channeled guidance was spot on, plus she was able to pinpoint some steps I could take going forward.

Sometimes, when you're confused or in the middle of a major life change or decision (like I was), getting channeled guidance can really help you to focus and confirm if you're on the right path or need to adjust things.

Laura was able to let me know that my choices were solid and timely.

I HIGHLY recommend booking a session with her!