SPIRIT LOUNGE - The details: I'm obsessed with your journey. So much so, that I want MORE for you than you are even able to see is possible for yourself (yet!). Let's ignite your brilliance so that you can do the same for others around you. In exchange for your £35 per month you will receive access to the Spirit Lounge Facebook community and all group calls (usually weekly). You'll also have access to discounted 1:1 private readings and first news on all that's going on in Laura's land!
We see you becoming increasingly & undeniably aware of the invisible powers of the Universe. Sit with us and experience all that's available to you <3
"I was at a crossroads in my business not knowing quite where I should be focusing my energy and attention. I’d seen a couple of videos by Laura and when she opened up the doors to Spirit Lounge I just felt compelled to join.  

​​​​​​​The honesty and energy from Laura is so beautiful that being part of her world made me feel able to explore what I really wanted to do with and in my business which of course positively impacted my personal life too.  

Laura and the lovely community in Spirit Lounge provided the space I needed to explore what was possible and now I feel ready to take on the world with love, truth and integrity."

​​​​​​​- Heather Angell, Business Coach & Consultant
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